Garrison Commanding Officer

Name: Jason Boyd

TKID: TD-5945

Location: Charleston, SC

Costumes: Sandtrooper, Tusken Raider: ANH (Male), Royal Guard: ROTJ, AT-AT Driver

Member since: July 2012


Garrison Executive Officer

Name: Brian Dudas

TKID: TB-26257

Location: Kernersville, NC

Costumes: Clone Commander Blackout, Biker Scout, First Order Stormtrooper

Member since: September 2013


Garrison Events Coordinator

Matt MascorroName: Matt Mascorro

TKID: TD-32702

Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Costumes: Sandtrooper, ESB Boba Fett, Clone Trooper (Phase 2) Tup, Kylo Ren: TFA

Member since: March 2014


Garrison Events Coordinator

Shawn CanteyName: Shawn Cantey

TKID: TK-10204

Location: Mt. Pleasant, SC

Costumes: Stormtrooper: Heavy Weapons Trooper

Member since: June 2016


Garrison Events Coordinator

Mark SinclairName: Mark Sinclair

TKID: TK-90499

Location: Wilmington, NC

Costumes: Stormtrooper: ANH Stunt

Member since: April 2016



Garrison Public Relations Officer

Jordan LeitnerName: Jordan Leitner

TKID: TI-24138

Location: Arden, NC

Costumes: TIE Pilot (ANH), TIE Pilot : Reserve, Stormtrooper: ANH Stunt

Member since: September 2013



Garrison Public Relations Officer

Name: Shanda Haddock

TKID: TK-11714

Location: Goldsboro, NC

Costumes: Stormtrooper: ANH Stunt

Member since: February 2016



Garrison Membership Liaison

Art work for this frame set created by Jason Brooks, SL0552 of Garrison Titan. Background update by Damian Jorgensen, TS0826 of The Midwest Garrison

Name: Jason Hill

TKID: CT-20421

Location: Kill Devil Hills, NC

Costumes: Imperial Gunner, Tusken Raider: ANH (male), Sandtrooper, Stormtrooper: ESB, Snowtrooper, RotJ Boba Fett, TIE Pilot (ANH), TIE Pilot : Reserve

Member since: January 2014


Garrison Charity Representative

Katrina AndrewsName: Katrina Andrews

TKID: ID-45320

Location: Apex, NC

Costumes: Imperial Officer: Staff Officer (Black), Imperial Officer: Line Officer (Olive Drab)

Member since: August 2015



Garrison Merchandise & Branding Officer

From janitor to scanning technichian, the Imperial Crew Person, taken individually, is the most expendable member of the Imperial Navy. However, without their service the Empire would fall overnight. Please note; IC thumb is aproximately 36% of IC full. 20th of November, 2003

Name: Anthony Conte

TKID: TI-28803

Location: Asheville, NC

Costumes: TIE Pilot (ANH), TIE Pilot: Reserve, Imperial Bridge Crew, AT-ST Driver, Imperial Scanning Crew, Imperial Gunner, Stormtrooper: ANH Stunt, Bith Musician

Member since: November 2012



Garrison Web Liaison

Name: Brad Lee

TKID: TI-8560

Location: Dillon, SC

Costumes: TIE Pilot: Reserve, Imperial Crew: Bridge Crew, Imperial Officer: Imperial Security Bureau

Member since: May 2012


Garrison Captain of the Guard

Name: Jerry Sienkiewicz

TKID: SL-21972

Location: Pineville, NC

Costumes: Darth Vader: RotS, Kylo Ren: TFA

Member since: November 2013