3rd Annual Cape Fear ComicCon. This is a one-day event held at the Coastline Convention Center (Downtown Wilmington).

The Con was packed despite morning and afternoon rain. Over 2000 people attended and it was hard to move around. Our booth space was cut in half by the Con staff upon arrival, down to just 10×10, which made Blast-A-Trooper very difficult. We were just inside the entrance so we had everyone go by us at least twice! We made the best of it, staying in costume for over 7 hours! It was exhausting but a very fun day. We were quite popular and received countless compliments.

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Mark Sinclair (TK)
2. Tom Tilmon (Kylo Ren)
3. Forrest Elge (Deathtrooper)
4. Shanda Haddock (TK)
5. James Haddock (Darth Revan)
6. Robert Lentz (TK)
7. Joel Mathre (TIE Pilot)

1. Aaron Jeffers
2. Rose Jeffers
3. Gene Sinclair (photoghrapher)