The Greenville Swamp Rabbits Hockey team had us out again for their annual Star Wars night at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in downtown Greenville, SC. This has been a great and fun event for many years now and thanks to the continued support from our great group of people, they want to have us come out again next year! They did many different activities again with us like: t-shirt toss, walking the concourse and on the ice pumping up the crowd, and many, many photo ops throughout the night including a green screen set up for anyone to get pictures with the 501st. They do a really great job with their events and are structured well enough that we are able to cover all event element needs due to time schedules and direct working relations with our handlers. Speaking of handlers, special thanks go out to Mike, Grayson and Bolt whom where there and helped get our members from concourse to ice and other locations within times needed. Could not have done it without you all! Finally thanks to Megan Dotson and her staff at the Greenville Swamp Rabbits and the Bon Secours Wellness Arena staff for being very hospitable and giving us the large changing room, pizza, plenty of water, and security over the room.

Carolina Garrison Members in Attendance:
1. Matt Fussell – FOTK
2. Rob Sosebee – TK
3. Kevin King – TB
4. Bryan Roller – TK
5. Kirk DeWeil- Darth Vader
6. John Wages – Tie Pilot
7. John Talbert – TK

1. Mike Heisler
2. Grayson DeWeil
3. Bolt

Crossover Attendees from the Rebel Legion:
1. Genesis Garza – Jedi Knight